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Hi Everyone, 


My name’s Julia and I’m a high school student who's very passionate about abolishing ambulance fees. I wasn’t entirely aware of this issue until I became sick and had to take an ambulance to the hospital a few times. Two months later, I discovered bills addressed to my parents for over $140 each. I am lucky enough that my parents have health insurance and were able to pay the bills. However, it soon dawned upon me that not everyone would be able to afford ambulance bills.


This was when I decided to start the End Ambulance Fees Initiative. It is my sincere hope that this campaign changes the minds of the Nova Scotian government and convinces them that ambulance fees are unnecessary and prevent the most vulnerable in society from accessing healthcare services when they need it most.

We're also in the process of opening up a second chapter in Manitoba and I'm excited to work towards ending ambulance fees in not only Nova Scotia but also in other provinces across Canada.


I hope you will join me in this campaign!

We believe everyone should be able to access our healthcare system, regardless of how much money they have.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire Nova Scotians to campaign our government and abolish ambulance fees.

Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision a world where are there are no ambulance fees and everyone can access an ambulance free of charge.

We Need Your Support Today!

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